Field Operations Management Software

We have developed the Field Operations Management Software, which provides a complete workflow management solution that can be used in multiple industries, such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing and other verticals. The system addresses this issue by providing the capability to collect field data on the go, via an iOS or Android device, and send that data to the Cloud. This data is then made available to anyone with an Internet browser and secure logons, and is represented in dashboards, Excel worksheets and PDF reports.


The Field Operatons Management Software Solution consists of a cloud-based Home System (built on RUFUtech’s TAGLOGIX Rapid RFID Deployment Platform) and mobile device (an iOS or Android) Task System.

The cloud-based Home System provides:

  • the overall management and control of the application,
  • the data repositories,
  • dashboards and reporting.
RFID Software

The mobile Task System collects and manages three major types of field data, which include:

  • task data (for tasks assigned to personnel)
  • individuals and crews assigned to those tasks and
  • the accumulated man hours for each task, location, or event.

As an option, the mobile system can provide a location verification using the phone’s GPS to make sure personnel is at the correct location and produces driving directions.


The Field Operations Management Software Solution is based on our powerful and flexible TAGLOGIX Rapid Deployment Platform. It is a cutting-edge enterprise, cloud-ready, extensible platform for development, deployment, and management of RFID, barcode, GPS, sensor and mobility solutions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cloud-based application.
  • Mobile app for iOS, Android and WM.
  • On-the-go task management.
  • Dashboard, reports and analytics for complete visibility of field operations.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Personnel task assignment.
  • Time and attendance tracking.
  • Inventory planning and tracking.
  • Quality control.
  • Streamlined business process and increased production.
  • Alerts and notifications delivered as Text or Email
  • Location verification and directions