QA Services

RUFUtech testing team has all the latest tools, processes and knowledge to provide a wide range of testing solutions in variety of verticals. Our team also performs new application testing, as well as software support and integration.

Our teams leverage optimization strategies and newest quality assurance technologies to reduce testing overhead and improve efficiency, while following industry best practices to provide clients with tailored solutions of the highest standards.

Our team has extensive testing experience that is utilized both within our development team and externally. Our expertise covers test-plan development, test-case development, regression testing, bug maintenance, debug management and certification. If appropriate we can also develop automated test scripts.

rfid middleware

RUFUtech Quality Assurance key processes:

  • Function, load and regression testing
  • Usability, security and integration testing
  • Test results analysis with set metrics
  • Prevention and corrective actions planning
  • Process monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Configuration management
  • Documentation
  • Employee training