Offshore Software Development

RUFUtech provides staffing services and outsourced software development solutions to a broad range of clients and industries worldwide.

We offer our customers both on-site and offshore software development options. Our on-site and offshore software development teams in India work collaboratively to satisfy our customers. Hiring offshore staff is much easier than hiring in-house employees because we as the provider manage the human resources, payrolls and the actual operations on behalf of the clients served.

Outsourcing employees is the best option if you require full time employees on semi-permanent or permanent basis. Hiring offshore employees gives you numerous advantages such as great flexibility and reduced operational cost even up to 70%.

RUFUtech’s offshore development center has a large pool of talented and experienced developers, designers and engineers that can seamlessly become a part of your team.

Our teams are handpicked for specific assignments and provided with a fully equipped infrastructure in order to deliver highest quality solutions.

Our development and organizational strategy helps you get the most benefits from the outsourcing business model with solid profit proposition to secure returns on your IT investments.

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Backed by a lab equipped with cutting edge devices and facilities needed for an assignment, we go beyond deployment to:

  • Retain maximum knowledge about client’s business processes.
  • Quick ramp up capability to cater to new assignments.
  • Integrate our technology expertise with client’s business practices and strategies.
  • Analyze and measure latest technology trends to cut down costs and lower risks.

All this to enable you to focus on your core operations, while we provide the experts for your development needs.