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Mobile Apps Grow Increasingly More Important

In today’s day and age, computers and the Internet have become integral part of our day-to-day life.

Some of the factors contributed to this transformation are listed below:

  1. Progress made in computer software development
  2. Connectivity through the Internet and mobile devices
  3. Hardware becoming cheaper with smaller form factors
  4. Increasing processing power of personal and mobile devices
  5. Faster and affordable networks connectivity and bandwidth thereby increasing affordability of access and consumption across the globe
  6. Creativity and innovations in mobile marketing and advertisement covering part the costs for information availability and delivery to end users


The growth in consumption of information through mobile computing is mindboggling.

As world is transforming from personal computers and laptops to smartphones and mobile tablets (e.g. iPads) for carrying out their chores, entertainment, study and work related activities as every aspect these activities is getting more and more integrated with the Internet and cloud, a new frontier in distributed computing.

To give an example of smartphone use/subscriptions, which is forecasted to triple to over 6.1 billion smartphones worldwide by 2020 from roughly above 2.5 billion in 2015.

Today about 60% of the searches for information are carried out from smartphones and this is forecasted to grow to almost 90% in the next two years.

This has provided huge opportunity for businesses no matter what size they are to reach their potential customers and retain existing ones by having an always OPEN link of communication for providing real-time notifications for various business purposes including but not limited to running marketing campaigns, customer loyalty initiatives, inventory clearance sales, reminders, driving directions, one-touch calling and so on.

This is only possible if these businesses have their business presence on mobile marketplaces for iOS (App Store), Android (Play Store) and Windows Store.

Bringing a well-designed, professional looking App to marketplace and making it available for customers to download it is somewhat tedious and time consuming process and it takes a dedicated team of highly trained professionals to successfully complete such projects right from conception to Go Live while meeting or exceeding time-to-market, budget and most importantly quality expectations.

This can be achieved by working with a team of practicing professionals who are seasoned business analysts, experienced Software Solution Architects, mature and expert software developers with bleeding edge expertise in software design and development and passionate professional service engineers to provide ongoing support for maintenance and upgrade of live production apps.

It is a no brainer for many businesses especially SMBs to take advantage of services provided by dedicated software development companies and give their 100% focus on their core competencies to grow their business.

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RUFUtech is an authority in RFID, NFC and Mobility technology and has successfully delivered business process management and automation software solutions integrating RFID technology in numerous verticals such as Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Financial, Government to name a few.

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