App Development

Mobile app development has become one of the most important services we provide. The boom of smart phones has provided a large opportunity for businesses to reach their potential customers and retain existing ones by the added convenience of having the business and product information at their fingertips anywhere they go on the device they use most. The apps have many uses besides purchasing, direct communication or entertainment. The functions include running marketing campaigns, customer loyalty initiatives, inventory clearance sales, reminders, driving directions, one-touch calling and so on.

The apps do not have to serve just B-2-C business but are often utilized for internal operations. The mobile app serves as an extension of the enterprise system, an input device and display that helps employees or managers take action or make decision on the spot, while all the data is synchronized with the back-end system over the Cloud.

Here are the most basic guidelines for mobile app development:

  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Great looking professional interface graphic design
  • User login and security
  • Fast operation
  • Availability for iOS and Android (potentially for Windows)
  • Cloud support
  • Connection to other phone services such as Contacts, Camera, Bluetooth and others as needed.
  • Error-free functionality based on the application

RUFUtech has developed myriad of apps for customers in various verticals and we can develop one for you as well.

Our team consists of seasoned business analysts, experienced Software Solution Architects, mature and expert app development engineers with extensive expertise in software design and development and passionate professional service personnel that provide ongoing support for maintenance and upgrade of live production apps.

RUFUtech is a leader in application software development with solutions targeting On-Premise, Cloud infrastructure and mobile space as iOS, Android, Windows Phone Apps. We are an authority in RFID, NFC and Mobility technology and we have successfully delivered business process management and automation software solutions integrating RFID technology in numerous verticals such as Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Financial, Government to name a few.

If you’d like an app for your business, leave the app development to a dedicated software development company such as RUFUtech and focus fully on growing your business!

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