Q: Which services does RUFUtech offer?

A: We offer off-shore software development services including application testing. Our specialty are automatic identification and mobility software systems including app development.

Q: Do you have any industry certifications?

A: We are ISO 9001 certified, which is the foremost certification in Quality worldwide. This means that we have fulfilled all the stringent requirements for this certification and have implemented Quality Management System in all areas of our organization. ISO 9001 covers everything, including the facilities, personnel, equipment, services and training.

Q: What methodologies do you use when developing an application?

A: We are very process oriented. We use the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), standard industry practices for development, testing and quality assurance. We also apply project management methodologies to all our projects.

Q: Can I buy hardware from you?

A: Unfortunately, not. We offer software services only, such as cloud-based software applications and mobile app development, and do not sell hardware, or design full systems.

Q: I would like to deploy an RFID system in my company. Can I hire you to do that for me?

A: We are not a systems integrator; we focus only on software development. You can hire us for the software portion of the system and we will be happy to work together with your hardware and systems design partners.

Q: If I hire you to develop a software solution for me, will you also provide hardware?

A: We have hardware in our lab that we will be using for software testing, however, we cannot sell any hardware to you. We can point you to one of our partners that would help you with selection and purchasing the appropriate hardware for your system.

Q: Where are your services available?

A: All over the world. Although our center is in India, we work with clients globally and base our operating hours on theirs. Therefore, you are not limited to India time zone.

Q: What do I do if I want to work for RUFUtech?

A: We are constantly looking for new talent! Check out the Career page on our website, apply and we will be happy to review your qualifications!

Q: Which technologies are you focusing on?

A: We are agnostic and don’t prefer one technology over the other. We have a lots of expertise in RFID, NFC, Wireless, Barcode and Mobility applications; however, we can develop any software, regardless the underlying technology.