Engagement Model

RUFUtech offers flexible choice of business models. You can easily switch to another model if your project requirements change or combine certain features of different models. Depending on your project specification, we offer the following business engagement models:

Dedicated Team

If you have your own management team and well-defined project idea, RUFUtech can provide you with dedicated team of designers, developers and Quality Assurance people, who will work on your project from its very start to release and maintenance.

In accordance with experience and skills of our team, we divide them into 3 groups:

  • Junior Engineer (up to 3 years of experience).
  • Mid-level Engineer (over 3 years of experience).
  • Senior Engineer (over 5 years of experience with advanced skills in particular technologies).

This model assumes that the fixed monthly cost will be defined per each employee in your offshore team. 

Time & Material

Time & Material model is usually developed for long-term projects, when it is difficult to estimate the required resources and plan adetailed budget. This model provides you with a possibility to pay for our services in parts according to the payment schedule specified by the contract. After both sides have agreed on time limits, software, hardware, human and other resources required for your project, we would invoice you on a weekly basis.

Fixed Cost

The Fixed Bid Model is an ideal option in case the specifications of the project are clearly defined. We analyze client’s requirements in order to estimate the cost of the project, its delivery date, and workout a detailed plan of project completion.